Echoes of Clayoquot Sound Through Poetry

Memory, Culture & Communication

by Dr. Martina Karels

"Echoes of Clayoquot Sound Through Poetry" is a collection of I-poems created by SFC students in the honors course ‘Collective Memory, Culture & Communication’. In this course we explored how groups and societies remember the past -- socially, politically and creatively -- to preserve history, shape identity, promote social cohesion, and guide actions and decisions. This poetry collection draws on oral history interviews found in the digital archive ‘Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web’. The archive gives insight into the experiences of various activists involved in the 1993 anti-logging Peace Camp at Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Through their stories we explored the intersection of memory, activism, politics and poetry. By engaging with the data and creating I-poems, we were able to deepen our understanding of how stories and poetry can be used in the transmission of collective memory.

Contributors: Leonidas Athanasoulias, Lena Beasley, Laetitia Bouc, Ma Carmela Calimoso, Christian Darnowski, Debasree Das, Amal Eldesouky, Alina Graf, Yousef Hasan-Hafez, Gabriela Kostka, Andrea Lancianese, Shaina Marks, Gabrielle Medor, Fatima Meza, Matthew Pisano, Megi Rama, Kleid Saraci, Tom Simpson, Maria Eduarda Tarre and Sierra Link, with guidance by Dr. Martina Karels.

All I-poems were created with transcript data from: Clayoquot Lives. n.d. Clayoquot Lives: An Ecofeminist Story Web. Accessed April 26, 2023.

Cover art created by Shaina Marks



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